Monday, September 2, 2013

Our Yard Sale is Coming Along!

I've been working on our adoption benefit yard sale for about a month.  Chris and I went through every single room of our home and got rid of a bunch of stuff (we took a room every night for a little over a week.)  Then, we've had tons and tons of donations from our family.  It has come in spurts, so I've been pricing as I go and trying to keep things organized so it'll be really fast and easy to set out on Friday morning.  (It just drives me crazy when people start showing up as soon as you have the first box out!)

Hazel and Randy brought us a truck load of stuff about a week ago.  Then, yesterday we headed to Bowling Green to spend time with them and went through their attic, discovering all of Chris's childhood toys and such.  Hazel and Randy graciously brought their truck FULL to us this afternoon of all of our discoveries.  It's been fun going down memory lane with Chris and giving some special stuff to Amelia and saving some other stuff if we have a boy.  :)  I'm thankful to his mom for saving so much; it's been neat.  And, we probably have a lot of collectors items!

Sam, Tres and Tres's mom also donated a truck load of stuff which we hauled back to Somerset this weekend.  We almost didn't have room in our vehicle for Amelia!  :)

When we got home, my parents had dropped off a truck load of stuff in our garage.  :)

Tomorrow, my sister Laurie is sending her stuff to us!  And, Christina's will be here soon as well.

Amelia and I priced literally all day today (well, she mostly played while I priced, but that was fine with me!)  We started about 10 this morning and I'm just stopping at 10:30p.  Who knew you could price yard sale stuff for 12 hours!?  But, as of this evening, everything is priced and organized except what I ran out of stickers for!  (and, I guess there really is still a lot to go.)

We have been BLESSED.  We don't take it for granted.  Next step, buy some more yard sale stickers tomorrow so I can get this finished!  The big sale is almost here!

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