Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Application Accepted!

Across the World Adoptions notified us late Sunday afternoon that our application had been accepted into their program.  We will be using this agency for our placement at this time, and couldn't be happier.  They seem to be on the ball and well organized, so I am feeling much better about things.

Along with the acceptance came our first large invoice :) and also the preparation forms to begin assembling our dossier.  :)  YAY!!

Today I spoke with our social worker and it was very encouraging.  We essentially are at the top of the list for the next referral that meets our age guidelines.  (We would like to adopt from birth to two years, but we've expanded that a little with the parameters that we'd like to stick with a child at least younger than our Amelia.)

We also found out today that over the summer the judges they have worked with in the past in Uganda changed, so this is why they are unsure of the timeline for our stay in Uganda.  They have a couple of families traveling in September who will be using the new judges, so we should know more after they return.

Our home study (I think) has been completed by our social worker and sent to her supervisor for approval, so hopefully we will have that back soon.  We have finished our USCIS application, but have to wait for our home study paperwork to attach to it before we send.  (This gives us approval to travel for adoption.)

Now to start preparing our dossier as we wait for a referral!

All in God's perfect timing!

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