Monday, August 5, 2013

Lake Cumberland to Lake Victoria

Many of you know of my heart for adoption.  It was something God placed on my heart many years ago, back before I ever met my husband Chris.  As I was entering graduate school, I knew I had two passions for areas of social work concentration:  adoption or geriatrics.  To make a long story short, I decided to become a geriatric social worker and later, Lord willing, adopt!  When I met Chris, I learned that he also had a similar heart for adoption and was right on board with my desire to adopt!

Many know that I love to be organized and have everything go exactly as I've planned.  :)  So, my "plan" was to have two naturally born children and then adopt our precious third.  In 2009, I gave birth to my beautiful, amazing, joyous daughter Amelia.  We "planned" to wait a couple of years and have another child.  In the meantime, Chris kept saying "I don't know why we don't just start the adoption process."  But, you see, that wasn't in my "perfect plan."  So, we (I) kept putting it off.  Finally, in March of 2013, I had a visitor to my office who I knew had adopted two children.  I started talking to him and I believe he must've noticed my desire for adoption, and yet hesitancy.  He wrote down a phone number for me of a home study agency in KY and told me that I just needed to go ahead and make the call to get started.  He then told me he would be calling me in ONE WEEK to see if I had done it.  (Do you think God knew I needed this interjection?)  So, not to be caught not on the ball, I came home excited and talked with Chris and we immediately got in contact with the home study agency.

We spent a lot of time getting all of our paperwork together in perfect order, but then we were able to complete our home visit in July 2013.  We had originally planned on an Ethiopian adoption, but learned the wait time was becoming incredible.  I was so disappointed.  However, a friend of mine opened my eyes (and heart) to Uganda.  So, we are now in, head over heels, to this incredible adoption journey.  We ask for your prayers of support as we continue on this journey.

Every night we pray for the little girl or boy who is waiting for us.  Amelia can't wait to meet her baby "blother" or sister.

Wondering what the Lake Cumberland to Lake Victoria means?  We live on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky.  Lake Victoria is located in Uganda and is Africa's largest lake.

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